Your First Spiritual Direction Meeting

Before we starting or committing to anything, you can get to know your spiritual director with an informal conversation at no expense. Take time to get a feel for the relationship and whether it’s a good fit, as well as pray about whether you sense an invitation.

In a spiritual direction meeting, I’ll always begin by praying briefly for you and for our time, that it would be guided by the Holy Spirit and God’s love for you. Then, you’ll hold a space of silence for us. This will be your silence, and you can use it to quiet your mind, to open your attention, to allow anything that feels significant to rise to the surface. When you’re ready, we’ll look at what at what desires or questions are moving in you—perhaps what prayer has felt like or how God seems to you. I may ask you questions or simply listen. And we’ll follow whatever thread seems to have life in it.

When we’re close to 60 minutes, we’ll wind down our conversation—or our prayer—wherever the time finds us, and I’ll pray for you in light of what we traveled through, just as I will throughout the month until our next meeting.