When Gød Disappoints, When I’m Under the Weight of Depression—Today

‘There was a time in my walk when . . .’ sets up a perfectly comfortable line for pastors to share something about their struggles and for us to hear from our seats. You might be familiar with the formula. There was a time in his life when he struggled with depression. There was a time in her faith when she wasn’t hearing from Gød. Problems that every member of every church in North America knows that every Christian encounters at various points in their lives are kindly legitimated by the autobiographical disclosures of our spiritual leaders. It’s great, insofar as it reminds us that it’s not just us, that maybe dark seasons, rocky relationships and desert wanderings aren’t entirely in mutual exclusion with Christian faith. Yet it does so from a safe distance. It is at once self-revelatory and calculatingly guarded. Continue reading “When Gød Disappoints, When I’m Under the Weight of Depression—Today”