About You Are.Here

You Are.Here is a ministry of soul care for those in ministry as much as those who don’t believe in the soul—including one-on-one spiritual direction and individualized retreats.

Why “You Are.Here”? Because Gød is where you are, not where you feel you should be. And that means that where you are right now is the most important thing we can look together—so that Gød might be found in all things, beginning here.

Brian is a spiritual director (and daytime copywriter) in Cleveland’s loveliest neighborhood, Tremont.

He’s a member of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association, having completed a two-year training program with the Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction after earning his M.A. at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he spent way too much time reading esoteric philosophy and political theology. Brian is currently completing his graduate certificate in directing the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius at Evangelical Seminary.

Brian is also a novice in the Order of Sustainable Faith, preparing to take vows.

More About Brian (Than You Wanted to Know)

I was a bivocational pastor in L.A. before I stopped doing that and moved to Cleveland (Ohio), where I’m doing other things but also kind of trying to do that again—except, hopefully, better.

I’m also a recovering addict and a hopeless romantic. I’m a failed gardener, a simply awful church planter, a mostly unsuccessful poet and a pretty bad dancer. I’m an aspiring contemplative and neighbor. I pray thanksgiving for black coffee, hoppy ales, decent whiskey and 1980s road bikes, because these demonstrate Gød’s special and prodigal favor on humanity.

I want to fall in love with all people—including you, because I’m convinced that Gød’s enamored of you. More modestly, I’d just enjoy hearing from you, especially about spiritual direction or collaboration.